RISC Network CloudScape Strategic Discovery

The RISC Networks CloudScape Strategic Discovery is a services and technology engagement that will jump start your Cloud and Data Center Transformation initiative(s).

What do I get with

The result is a fully populated CloudScape platform that will provide Cloud
cost analysis and an application centric view of the environment.

Project Initiation

RISC Networks will conduct an engagement kickoff meeting to set expectations about the purpose of the engagement, the delivery approach and timelines

Introduction of the delivery team, roles, and responsibilities

Project goals and purpose of engagement

Explanation of the expected engagement deliverables and work products

Confirm prerequisites have been met prior to engagement start


Asset Discovery and Validation

RISC Networks’ professional services team will assist with Asset Discovery and Validation by doing the following:

Conduct joint WebEx session to deploy the Virtual Appliance and begin discovery

Review the Asset Report to validate all expected assets are discovered and accessible

Assist With resolving incaccessible, in-scope devicces

License all in-scope workloads

Application Review Classification & Cost Analysis

Review customer completed application questionnaire and prepare for analysis

Review discovery data to ensure CloudScape platform visibility into all critical system dependencies

Perform application stack rationalization for up to five (5) applications

Provide Cloud cost analysis for the discovered IT estate and the five (5) applications. This includes both inventory and performance based cost analysis.


Customer Enablement

We will conduct a knowledge transfer workshop to review best practices for using CloudScape in Discovery and Cloud migration planning.

Review Cloud Cost reporting including inventory and usage reporting for instance matching and total daily cost

Review the application stack rationalization process on up to five (5) additional applications

Review available online resources

Review the application of CloudScape reporting and analytics in the support of various use cases:

  • Validation of early migration candidates
  •   Network segmentation initiatives
  •   Security reviews

Includes up to two (2) working sessions of up to two (2) hours each (conducted via WebEx)

Special Service

RISC Networks can additionally work with the customer to include Flow data into the engagement. Flow data will provide traffic rate details that can be used to further understand the network impact and bandwidth requirements associated with workload migration.

Flow data can be derived from a wide array of sources including, but not limited to, layer 3 network devices, VMware Distributed Switches, and Packet Capture. As such, the inclusion of Flow data into the CloudScape Strategic Discovery must be scoped and priced according to the customer’s environment and specific requirements.

What We Deliver

Infrastructure Asset Report

Licensed Portal with up to Five (5) Defined Application Stacks

Inventory and Usage Based Cloud Cost Models

Webex Hosted Final Review

Pricing and Scope

This is an add on professional services engagement to our annual CloudScape Subscription.  



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