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Can I buy a subscription without Strategic Discovery?

Yes – but we don’t recommend it – You will miss a huge amount of value by limiting your scope

Can I buy a quarterly or monthly subscription?


Can I add more concurrent hosts at a later date if I didn’t buy enough?

Yes – a new subscription can be created and applied to the account, but the renewal date will be 12 months from the upgrade, not the original start date

Can I run multiple assessments with one subscription?

Yes – the concurrent host limitation is enforced globally for all assessments under a subscription. You could have 2 going with 500 each, or 1 with 1000

Can I buy Strategic Discovery for only a part of my environment?

No – Strategic Discovery is based on your total “in scope” device list

Can I buy a Strategic Discovery engagement without a subscription?

Yes – but we don’t recommend it –What will you do when you are done with the SD?

Do I have to buy a subscription?


Can I cancel a subscription for any reason?


Can I buy licensing for only part of my environment?



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