CloudScape 2.0 Partner Success Training

RISC Networks is excited to be hosting an upcoming set of webinars taught by our Chief Architect and Co-Founder, Jeremy Littlejohn.

These webinars are split into 2-day sessions of 3 hours each day and are scheduled for teams in both India and America.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our partners to increase the knowledge level of their entire time on the CloudScape platform and how to leverage it to achieve greater revenue and results with their customers.

CloudScape 2.0, the #1 discovery and analytics platform for IT in the world, is not only about cloud migration.  It has many other use cases including DR, CMDB, LAN Segmentation, and others. After taking this webinar series, your team will be a veteran in not only how to leverage CloudScape for cloud migration, but also for many other valuable features after discovery has been completed.

Day 1 of our webinar series will introduce users to the platform, perform a full installation and discovery, move on to use cases, and end with an in depth licensing discussion. Day 2 will take you from beginner to expert with using the CloudScape portal, how to add, consume, and take action upon intelligence after discovery, and return to use cases.



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